“Dear Sisters & Brothers, I really appreciate so many people’s expression of warm feeling.
I dedicate my body, speech & mind for the well-being of others, as in my main daily practice, so when the people showing warm feeling, that gives me more enthusiasm, so I very much appreciate…….Then, also you see, those singers, musicians, most of you have white hair, ….but also
the voice and the physicals of action, looks very beautiful, very forceful, so that gives me
encouragement. Myself now 80 yr old, I should be like you,… more active.

So we all, same human being, we all want happy life. Actually, each day is new day, birthday, so we, every morning when wake up, think: “now this new day, birthday, I must carry this birthday, and in order to be happy day, keep here more compassionate feeling, sense of concern for other’s well-being.”

That’s the ultimate source of a happy mind, of happy feeling; that brings self-confidence, that creates honest, truthful, so that your life, that new day, becomes a more meaningful day. Through that way, that day carry transparent, that brings trust. Trust is the basis of friendship. We are social animal; friendship very important,..so I practice that. So want to share with you those good wishes.

Thank You. Thank You Very Much.”

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