I am humbled by St Teresa’s guidance today.  She tells me to cut out petty pride and self-love which makes me believe that it is I who am doing good deeds or acts of creativity and joy, when I know full well, if I tell the unvarnished truth, that it is only by the grace of God that I am able to accomplish anything at all. If I am honest with myself, it is not my ingenuity, skill and creativity that I bring to bear on my life day to day.  It is God who showers me with the gifts of creativity and love, and makes them flow through my body and intellect, to grace my day and my life.  Bharti

PRAYER: Let us learn from this, my brothers and sisters,

that if we would bear any resemblance to our God,

we must strive ever to walk in truth.

Above all that we should not wish to be thought

better than we are.

In all our deeds

we should ascribe to God what is God’s;

and attribute what is ours to ourselves;

we should seek for truth in all things.

In this way we will care little for the world,

which is built on deceptions and falsehood

and therefore cannot last.

God grant us

never to lose the grace of self-knowledge.

MANTRA:  Let me walk in truth.

EVENING PRAYER:  Forgive my lies,

the dozen ways in which today I have denied

in word and action that you alone

are the source of all true life.

Cleanse my lips, my heart, my whole life

of the untruths,

the petty pride and self-love

that so easily, so persistently, come between us.

Fill my night with your forgiveness,

with that peace

that is possible only for those

who walk in your truth.

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