This Prayer of St Teresa blew me away!  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  I needed to hear of the power of humility and the power of grace. That of ourselves we are truly nothing. That humility in acknowledging the power of God to work through us to achieve great things is paramount.  I need to acknowledge my own weaknesses, follies and misjudgments, and that, by the grace and love of God, I can find the power and the glory to do great things in this world to help others and, ultimately, myself as created in the image of God.  Bharti

PRAYER:  The whole foundation of prayer is humility.

The more we humble ourselves in prayer,

the more will God lift us up.

Once while I was wondering

why our Lord so dearly loves the virtue of humility,

this thought suddenly struck me

without previous reflection:

it is because God is the supreme Truth,

and humility is the truth.

It is a basic truth

that of ourselves we are nothing.

Whoever ignores this

lives a life of falsehood.

Those who realize and accept this truth

are the most deeply pleasing to God,

the supreme Truth,

for they walk in truth.

MANTRA:  Humility!

EVENING PRAYER:  Let me go humbly into the darkness

admitting to myself and to you

that of myself I am nothing.

Let me walk in this hard truth

accepting my own frailty and folly,

even as you open my eyes

to the incomprehensible wonders and marvels

that you have in store

for those who follow you in truth.

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