Prayer is the gateway into God’s presence. However, it should not always be as a petition for something we need, or some trouble that we want put right. As St Teresa says, prayer is how we come to know God, to become aware of his presence, to hear his breath and his voice. It is a way to welcome God into our lives so he may live within us and enrich all our thoughts and actions. We so need to establish this dialog with God, so he becomes our constant companion and the one nearest and dearest to our hearts. So let us invite God into our lives through the living adoration of prayer.   Bharti 

PRAYER:  Prayer is the doorway through which

God’s greatest gifts enter our soul.

If this door is kept shut,

I do not see how God can bestow these gifts;

for even if God wishes to enter our soul,

to take delight therein,

and to make us also to delight,

there is no way this can be done.

Therefore when God plants in our soul,

a desire to pray,

as unprepared as we might be,

it is amongst the greatest of gifts.

If we persevere

in spite of sins, temptations, and relapses,

our Lord will bring us at last

to the harbor of salvation.

Besides, God does not wait for the next life

to reward our love,

but begins to enrich us even here.

MANTRA:  Prayer is the doorway through which

God’s greatest gifts enter my soul.

EVENING PRAYER:  Let nothing distract me

from spending

these last moments of the day

with you in prayer.

Let me not shut you out.

If only for a moment,

here and now at the end of the day,

let me silence the thousand voices

that kept me through the day

from remembering

that I live always in your presence.

Bless me with the gift of prayer.

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