These words really resonate with me.  In meditation and prayer, we often to seek to find some interior rapture, and are so taken up with this quest that we sometimes forget that meditation and prayer are our entryways to find God and to be in communion with him and to listen to what he wants from us in this life, and for him to give us the strength and vision to carry this out. The task(s) may not be full of delights as we ordinarily define them. However, we must find the strength and joy in carrying out God’s will which is perfectly attuned to what is best to further our journey on the spiritual path.  Bharti

PRAYER:  Of what does the highest perfection consist?

Do not look for, or expect to find it

in interior delights,

or in great raptures and visions,

or in the gift of prophecy,

but only in conforming our wills

to the will of God.

Then there will be nothing

that God wills

that we do not will ourselves,

and with our whole will

We will accept the bitter with the sweet,

knowing it to be the will of God.

In love, we forget our own pleasure

in order to please the God

who loves us so much.

MANTRA:  Perfection is not in feeling good,

but in doing the will of God.

EVENING PRAYER:  I come to the end of an ordinary day,

a day when there have been

no overwhelming interior joys,

no great raptures or visions.

There have been bitter moments and sweet.

I have tried to accept whatever came my way,

doing my best

to conform my will

to your will, my Lord God,

so that there would be nothing

that you will

that I would not choose for myself.

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