Beset by the trials of the world, it is wonderful to know from St Teresa that we can rely on no-one and nothing in this world but God alone, and when we listen to God we need nothing else to aid us. That takes away all disappointment and distress, for we cannot blame or be unhappy with anyone or anything, realizing that the solution is not with anyone or anything, for the solution to life’s problems is through ourselves reaching out to God. Only by putting our faith in God who works through our deepest and purest intuition can we resolve well the problems that continually face us in this life.  Bharti

PRAYER:  Once when I was at prayer,

I saw myself on a wide plain.

I was alone in the middle of a horde

that hemmed me in on every side.

I could not move in any direction

without exposing myself to death.

I was alone, without anyone to take my part.

In my distress, not knowing what else to do,

I lifted up my eyes to heaven

and saw Christ,

not in heaven but high above me in the air,

holding out his hand to me

and protecting me in such a way

that I was no longer afraid of those who

surrounded me.

They could not, however much they wished to do so,

cause me any harm.

In all my great trials,

our Lord has always sent someone to help me,

as it was shown in the vision,

so that I might attach myself to nothing or no one,

but only try to please our Lord.

MANTRA:  God alone suffices. 

EVENING PRAYER:  Whether surrounded on every side

or torn from within,

knowing that I can do nothing by myself,

I can still lift up my eyes to heaven

and cry out to you.

Let me come to the end of this day

welcoming the darkness in peace.

knowing that I have nothing to fear.

For if I have you, God,

I will want for nothing.

You alone suffice.

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