This prayer truly humbled me, for it taught me to examine my speech and thought patterns and to always remember that there are many ways to talk to God, and all are equally valid as long as one approaches God with true humility and deepest respect. Those that do not look so promising, may, in fact, turn out to be the best ways.  There is not one optimal way of addressing God or approaching God, but we all must find the one most appropriate for us, one that truly comes from love and awe in its true Biblical sense.   Bharti

PRAYER: If we were to live a thousand years,

we would never fully understand

how we ought to behave toward God.

In God’s presence even the angels tremble—

they who can do all that God wills,

and for whom simply to wish is to accomplish.

Therefore before you pray,

stop for a moment and recall

whose presence you are approaching

and to whom you are about to speak.

In order to meditate you may need a book.

(For more than fourteen years

I could not meditate without reading!)

You may need to recite vocal prayers

to capture and hold your attention.

It is important to understand

that our father does not lead us all

by the same routes.

Those who seem to be the least blessed of all,

may be the highest in God’s eyes.

MANTRA:  Let me not forget to whom

and in whose presence I am praying.

EVENING PRAYER: Let me not be overwhelmed by your presence,

silenced by my frailty,

or reduced as I so often am

to muttering familiar phrases

to overcome my speechlessness.

Accept me as I am

with what I have to give.

Heavenly Father,

you do not lead us all by the same path.

Here in your presence,

take my yearning to speak with you

and to what words I have,

and make of them a prayer

worthy of your love for me.

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