The prayer of Day Three is like a calming balm to the fretful anxieties of daily life.  It soothes the unquiet mind, removes the stress of quotidian problems and fills the soul with serenity.  Yes, we must carve out our own path in life and solve the problems that beset us on every side. However, we have the immense comfort of knowing that we are not alone, we are never alone, for God walks with us and if we trust in him, we will have no need of anxiety of any kind. We can stride forward confident that our needs will be met and we will have the courage and wherewithal to face life’s challenges.         Bharti

PRAYER:  I believe the Lord helps those

who set out to do great things for his sake

and never fails those who trust in him alone,

who depend on him to meet all their needs.

This does not mean that I am excused from seeking to help myself,

only that in trusting him I will be free from anxiety.

MANTRA:  Do not be anxious

about what you are to eat and put on, but leave it to God.

May God grant you, as he has granted me,

the gift of freedom from anxiety. 

EVENING PRAYER:  You never fail those who trust in you alone,

who depend on you to meet all their needs.

I will not, with your help, be anxious about what I am to eat and put on,

but leave it to you, God.

Grant me, as you granted Teresa, the gift of freedom from anxiety.

For if I have you, God, I will want for nothing.

You alone suffice. 

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