This prayer truly speaks to me. I was just in Big Sur last week, and I held hands with my son Gautam and we were able to climb up steep rocks and run down cliff faces fearlessly with laughter in our hearts.  So I totally understand that if we know securely that we have God’s hand to hold on to, we can brave every peril and remove all doubt and fear.  Above all, we can accomplish anything that our imagination can conceive. Reach out and grasp God’s hand and suddenly all fear vanishes.    Bharti

PRAYER:  Whoever truly loves you, my God,

travels by a broad and royal road,

travels securely far away from any precipice.

Hardly do we stumble, even in the slightest degree,

when you, O Lord, give us your hand.

One fall – even many falls –

if we love you and not the things of this world,

will not be enough to lead us to perdition.

MANTRA:  Anyone who truly loves God

travels securely.


Let me not be afraid to set out on the road to perfection,

If I truly love you, my God,

I will travel securely by a broad and royal road,

far from any precipice.

If I stumble in the slightest,

you will be there, I know,

to reach out your hand

and catch me before I fall completely.

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