It amuses me to think that all my life I have thought of myself as a beggar when, in fact, I am heir to the richest kingdom of all, the kingdom of God!  Why, have I not, for so many years, seen the kingdom within where God dwells in my very soul?  Why, have I stumbled in the darkness when a radiance beyond all knowing awaits me? To be awakened to my true heritage, and that of all humans, is refreshing beyond words. The riches of the earth pale in comparison to the riches within one’s own soul.   Bharti

PRAYER:  Let us think of our soul as resembling a castle

formed of a single diamond,

or a very transparent crystal containing many rooms,

of which some are above, some below, others at the side.

In the center, in the very midst of them all,

is the principal chamber,

in which God and our soul

hold their most secret intercourse.

Nothing can be compared to

the great beauty and capabilities of our soul.

However keen our intellects be, we are no more able

to comprehend the depths of our soul

than we are able to comprehend God,

for our soul has been created

in the image and likeness of God.

It is our soul’s likeness to God

that makes it possible for us

to commune with the God in whose image

we have been made.

MANTRA:  You take delight in my soul. 

EVENING PRAYER:  As darkness descends,

let me retreat to the very center of my being,

to my soul,

which you, my heavenly father,

have created in your own image and likeness

and which you have chosen as your home. 

Make me aware of your presence

and of my likeness to you.

Let us speak together in the silence of the night.

If indeed my soul is a paradise

in which you take your delight,

let me find my delight in your presence.

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