Vedic Concept of Health

shrikrishaVedic scriptures give detail account of the Concept of Health.
According to them our body is made up of,” Five Elements”. They are as follows –

1. Ether or Space (Aakash)

2. Air (Vayu)

3. Fire (Agni)

4. Water (Jala)

5. Earth (Prithvi)

The whole Universe is evolved from, “Self – Existing ” (Swayambhu ) soul….

1. From the “Self existing Soul”: Space is created. Space is All Pervading. We can feel its existence only through our intellect.

2. Air is created from Space. Movement (Chalata) is characteristic of Air. It can be felt but cannot be seen.

3. The friction of Air creates Fire. Heat and light are characteristics of Fire.

4. Water is created with the Heat of Fire and Movement of Air .It can be transformed in all three states, i.e. Solid, Liquid and Gas. We can Feel and See Water.

5. Earth is created from Water.

“Atma (Swayambhu Soul) dwells in the Temple of the Human Body”.

Health: What it is?

Health as we perceive is mere, “Absence of the disease”.

This state of health depends upon the harmonious blend of Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual sphere. This harmonious blend can be perceived through the, Personality of the Person.

Personality is an expression of your Health. Mind is the key of your personality and Communication is the need of the Personality. Communication is by both Verbal (Language) and Non-verbal (Body language).

The essential difference between other animals and humans is the highly evolved Brain and hands with skillful use of an opponent thumb.We can attribute our progress only through these two factors.

Physical Mental Social Spiritual


Health (Sketch 1.)

Sketch 2.


Physical Mental Social

Movement Feeling Group Behavior

Body Language Harmony of Five organs
Will (Raja)
Emotion (Tama)
Intellect (Satwa)

Output of all three

Faith +Concentration + Confidence together

Success in real life!

As per the above illustration:

Personality of an Individual is not merely the External Appearance but it is a Multidimensional Entity made up of all the above.
When faith, Concentration, and Confidence come together only then can be a good personality be formed and evolved or developed.
In order to attain mental peace we need to gain control over our Thoughts, Action, Behavior, and Nature.
Any disease has its origin in the Mind.

There are many factors, which can be influence, this .For example, Environment, Geographical Distribution, Seasonal Variation, Diet and Hygiene etc.

Why wait for a plant to grow in to a tree before recognizing it, as being poisonous .If we recognize it at the earlier stages not much effort would be required to uproot it.

It is always better and easier to prevent a disease than to wait for it to develop and then treat it.

Means wearing leather foot wear while walking is just the same as walking on earth covered with leather. That is if the root cause of the disease is removed its expressions will obviously disappear.

Health: New Philosophy

With changing pace of life now health is being visualized as –

*Basic Fundamental Human Right.
*Health is not increasing expenditure on medical care but is essence of productive life.
*Integral part of the development.
*Central to concept of, Quality of life.
*It involves Individuals, State, National, International responsibility.
*Maintenance of health is a major social investment.
*Health is a world- wide social goal.

Health: Dimensions

Now, as we are already being aware of health is a , Multidimensional Entity.
World health Organisation (W.H.O.) quotes Three Specific Dimensions and many more are cited.
They are –
*Preventive etc.

Health: Determinants

A lot of research is being done and with wide reawakening about concept of health a lot of efforts being done to point and trace out the determinants of Health.

Some important determinants of health are –
*Life- style.
*Socio-economic conditions.
*Health and family welfare services.

Others –

Food and Agriculture.
Social welfare.
Rural development.


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