Meditation and Mantrajapa, the repetitive chanting of mantras, are a daily ritual of every person in India since the ages. Over the years and with changes in civilization and life, the availability of less time, more competition, confused relationships, addictions, and media invasions are causing people to be stressed and confused. Most have little time for themselves and their daily rituals and introspection.

In this article a special attempt is made to clarify different methodologies, and explore their logic. Rather than stressing only on the theortical part an emphasis is placed on practical application of vedic concepts in the day to day life of people.

As per the vedic scriptures Moksha or liberation is considered as the final goal of life. This liberation is based on the concept of freedom from transmigratory existence. The normal wish of any person is to be yearn for and seek happiness all the time, but one always forgets it is within. Rather than working solely towards being happy one must find happiness in work. If you succeed in that it will completely transform your life, and your work rather than becoming a burden becomes an enlightening & satisfying experience.

The expressway to achieve bliss and keep away all the suffering from our life is to follow the path of divinity. To understand the basic meaning of life and existence, and to keep the gloom out of life, one must follow the path of spirituality under proper guidance and methodology that suits you. This concept works as a basic guide for spirituality.

Now the first question that may spring in your mind might be ..what is the exact meaning of thespiritual life? In the primary sense spiritual life is life rooted in the spirit, in God (or what some might believe to be a supreme power or nature or energy) that resides not just outside but also in our heart (Soul-Aatma) and is a power that is all pervading and transcendent.

So any person who realizes this basic concept of spirituality can be led to such a blissful life and keep away the negativity.

For sure like a coin life has two sides.. white and black.. but we have to cultivate the habit of –

* focusing on only the positive part of it,

  • accepting things judiciously and with faith
  • living in the present
  • learning from the past and not repeating those mistakes
  • planning for the future, but at the same time understanding the uncertainty of future.. how sure can we be of what we have not seen?
  • Being responsible.
  • Following your heart and not your brain..(accepting {sakshibhava — witnessing the events in your life} & not expecting anything from life.
  • Following purushartha (your mission in life with logic & ethics.)

    In the secondary sense spirituality can be viewed as that which helps us to attain the final goal of life, and provides the means to achieve it.

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