||om gam ganapataye namah||


Ancient scriptures GANESHA-PURANA
Main purpose of any puranas or mythological text is to assimilate the philosophy & human morals to the hearts of the masses. With thousands of years of heritage they have played a distinct role in spreading both the kinds of knowledge..

  • Sacred
  • Secular

as well it have helped to preserve spirituality & culture in a common man.

Out of the well – known 18 puranas ( all written by Sage Vyasa Muni ) or other sub-puranas or secondary-puranas (Upapuranas), GANESHAPURANA is the first one!

1.It is a huge work of 12,000 verses.
2.These verses are spread over 250 chapters.

Except for the Ganesha – gita , an important treatise on religion & philosophy,which is in the last part of the Purana.

3.the work is highly sectorial in nature.
4.Clearly aimed at spreading Ganapati Cult.
5.There are stories of gods, sages & kings clarifying the context more clearly.
6.Certain Ganesha’s Mantras (sacred words for Ganesha ) are listed.
7.Certain Vratas (rituals ) of Ganesha’s are listed.
8.Certain observances & worship connected with Ganesha are described.

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