Todays meditation was full of small disturbances: my husband playing the television too loudly; a friend sending a text, so I had to power off my iPhone for the duration of the meditation; small physical discomforts from time to time that briefly brought me out of the meditative state. However, you know that you can always go back into that state of peace and calm at any time; for there is a place within you, which is your true home, where you can experience the unfathomable peace and love that renews you at the deepest level possible, so you can deal creatively with whatever pressures and problems come into your life. It enables you to see people and situations as they truly are with compassion and love for those experiencing adversities, for life always throws us curveballs. And with a loving calmness, you can look for solutions.

For in the meditative space you are close to the Source: you may see lights pulsating and feel the quiet hum which lies at the base of existence. By losing your small egoicself and seeking to become one with the Source, you can see the way forward. Whatever the disturbances of life, you remain always undisturbed, connected to the Source of love and joy, which you can then communicate to all you meet.

Ultimately, meditation is not so much about sitting on a mat for 30 mins to 1 hour a day, trying to eliminate thoughts. Its about who you are as a person and what kind of life you want to live in this world, and who you want to be during the whole day long, and in every moment of your life. Through the meditative state, you become who you really are. And through the magnetism that meditation engenders, you can affect everyone and everything in your life with the deep joy and radiance of the divine creation. Meditation defines who you are and how you want to live this precious life on earth to the benefit of all humanity.

Bharti Kansara


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