Obstackes in the Path of the Yoga

According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras the Obstacles in the path of Yoga are divided into two groups as follows:

1. ANTARAYAS: (intruders to the path of the yoga)
2. VIKSEPASAHABHUVAH: (co-existing with mental distraction)

1. ANTARAYAS: (intruders in the path of the yoga)

They are nine in number (Yoga sutras 1.30)
1. Vyadhi (disease)
2. Styana (mental laziness)
3. Samasya (doubt)
4. Pramada (heedlessness)
5. Alasya (physical laziness)
6. Avirati (absence of dispassion)
7. Bhrantidar-Sana (false perception)
8. Alabdha-Bhumi-Katva (non-attainment of yogic states)
9. Anavasthitatva (falling away from yogic states when attained)

1. Vyadhi: (physical disease)
Ayurveda, the ancient Vedic science of health & longevity looks at physical disease as the imbalance of three basic doshas (humors of the body). They are –
a. Vata – the wind.
b. Pitta – the bile.
c. Kapha (shleshma) – the phlegm.

Uneven flow & distribution of the Rasa (tastes of food & drink) as well the shortage or surfeit of the sense organs is another cause of disease.
As we all know the saying “healthy mind is a healthy body”, physical diseases disturb the mind resulting in distortion ofones ability to practice yoga.

So, proper treatment of the disease, restoring, rebuilding health, vigor and strength are neccessary for practical implication of yogic principles in day to day life.

Apart from the medicines?
a. Diet.
b. Rules of health & sanitation.
c. Practice of asanas is important for restoration of normal harmony, i.e. Health.

Lord Krishna advises us with the following tips—
He asks us to be moderate in
a. Eating.
b. Sleeping.
c. Recreation.
d. Work.
He also warns us that overindulgence any of the above results in alteration of health & leads to problems,ultimately resulting in keeping you away from yogic principles.(Gita 6.16,17)

To be continued….

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