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Notes from Raja_Yoga with Dr. Sachin

Trust Yourself. All the mistakes you made in your life helped you to become who you are. This is the reason you should accept them. Only when you know yourself, how your mind works, you are ready to accept other’s people mistakes.
When your life is externalized you lose the real meaning of it. Yoga Meditation  helps you to find the hidden neurosis first, then you discover the inner sanity.
Keep an inquisitive mind, simplicity is always radiant.

Notes from Raja_Yoga Class with Dr. Sachin

Yoga is an experimental discipline, a way of life. Yoga is not an intellectual exercise. Only if you live by  it you understand. Practice, practice, practice!

You practice meditation you deep into yourself. You discover who really you are. During your everyday normal life your behavior is the product of external events. They make your experience, they make your character, your psychosomatic “you”. With meditation practice you discover there is another you within; untouched by events, pure, solid. Make the goal of your life to become it.

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