Rudraksha has been known in India for ages. No yogi can be seen who is not wearing the necklace of Rudraksha around his neck. Rudraksha is not worn to show off. It has mythological significance and more importantly, healing properties when worm on the body. It also has yogic significance.

Rudraksha is a fruit covered with pulp and a thin outer skin. The fruit has 1 to 20 ridges. (called as Mukhas or mouths) The skin of the fruit is green when it is fresh and if removed from the tree and it turns blackish- brown when it dries up. For every ridge there is a different tree. Out of a single tree, 60% fruits are average, 20 % are of the best quality, and 20 % below average. The best quality Rudraksha costs a small fortune. The Rudraksha tree is big in size like a Banyan tree. Within 15 to 18 years, the tree fully grows up. Rudraksha is classified under Elaeocarpaceae family. This tree is mainly found in the Himalayas as well as Nepal, Indonesia, Java, and Jakarta.

The plant has got medicinal properties and is used widely in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines. Very popularly, it is used to control blood pressure where two

Panchamukhis, Rudrakshas are soaked in a glass of water at sunset and the water is taken early in the morning on an empty stomach.

In ancient scriptures like Rudraksha- Jabalopanishad, Padma Purana, Shiva Purana, and Devi Purana, there is mention of Rudraksha.

As per the scriptures, there are 4 types of Rudraksha:

1. White
2. Red
3. Yellow
4. Black

Usually, they were advised to be used caste- wise.

1. Brahmin / white
2. Kshatriya/ red
3. Vaishya/ yellow
4. Shudras/ black

But it is very difficult to identify the original color because finally it turns to brownish- black. Usually, they are soaked into mustard oil to save it from white ants and other insects. It stays for generations this way.

When you are looking to buy a new Rudraksha, you can apply certain standard parameters to verify its genuineness prevalent for ages. There are three main tests performed. They are as follows:

1. Water Test – You add Rudraksha to a glass of water. If it floats, it fails the test. It must sink to the bottom as soon as it drops in, like a stone if at as genuine.

Copper Coin Test – The bead is held in between two copper coins, and then watched for rotation. The movement of the bead is watched to the right or left and if it moves to the right, it is taken as good.

Milk Test – Milk is poured on the bead. If it stands firmly on its base, it is considered as good.
All the above tests are commonly used but might mislead in judging the genuineness of the Rudraksha. You can only judge the genuineness by breaking open the fruit!

Precautions while you are wearing Rudrakshas

1. You are not supposed to use it if you are indulgent in

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Eating non- vegetarian food
  • Unlawful sex2. You can use the same in trying to overcome these wrong habits and purify yourself from wrong deeds.

    3. If you wear the chain of 108 beads for Japa, do not use the same as a necklace. Conversely, if you wear this chain as a necklace, do not use them for japa.

    4. Usual beads are 108, 54, or smallest can be 27.

    5. Don’t wear Rudraksha when you sleep, but the necklace is placed below the pillow.

    6. Clean your necklace every 15 days without much scrubbing or detergents. Instead soak only in Luke- warm water.

    7. If you are wearing it for the first time, then following ritual needs to be done:
    Select a Monday or Thursday as they are supposed to be auspicious days. Then, carry the necklace to a Shiva Temple. Next step is Rudrabhishek (sacred bathing Shiva with water whilst chanting certain chants)

    8. As Rudraksha is considered to be very pure and divine, usually it is worn in gold, but it can be worn in silver, copper, or red or black thread as well.

    9. Certain astrologers advise to wear these linked with your birth sign, Nakshtra, after consulting an expert as per your needs.

    10. No need to worry about shape and size of Rudraksha provided the ridges are well defined, the contours are natural and there are no cracks near the center hole.

    11. It has been believed if that Rudraksha is meant for you, somebody will give it to you or you will feel it as soon it is placed on your palm.

    12. The smaller the size, more auspicious is the Rudraksha.

    13. As per Shiva Purana original Rudraksha is from Lord Shiva’s tears. For welfare of all the creatures, Lord Shiva was meditating for years. As soon as he opened his eyes, few hot drops of tears rolled down his eyes and fallen on Mother Earth which gave birth to Rudraksha trees. Rudraksha has got hot temperament, so few people can’t tolerate it. So, instead of wearing, they must keep it in their room of worship.

    14. Even females can use it without hesitation.

    15. You are not supposed to wear it in the rains.

    16. Shiva Purana says, ” Goddess Lakshmi (wealth) stays where Rudraksha is”.

    17. Avoid soaking Rudraksha in copper vessels.

    18. Ekamukhi Rudraksha must not be worn by children.

    19. There must not be any sharing of Rudraksha necklace or Japamala between each other.

    20. You must not wear it for cremations , condolence meets, death ceremonies, etc.

    21. There is no special description of Rudrakshas for 15 to 21 ridges. Though rare, they are available. They are considered auspicious and very lucky but do not use unless you take permission from your Guru.

    22. Rudraksha are worn on different parts of the body like head, neck, both wrists, both forearms, waist, abdomen (by yogis).

    23.It is believed to help you acquire siddhis

    Types of Rudraksha and its effects on us:

    1. Eka Mukhi ( one ridge)

  • It is considered the primest of all and very spiritual.
  • It is believed that it represents Pure Consciousness
  • The one who uses it, is blessed both with spiritual and material gains. (moksha and bhoga) .
  • It is advised that it must be worn by doctors and healers
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM HREENG NAMAH|| 2. Dona Mukhi ( two ridges)
  • It is a symbol of unity ( symbol of half male and half female – ardha nari nateshwara)
  • It can be linked with Guru and disciple, husband and wife, parents and children, etc. for integrity.
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM NAMAH|| 3. Teen Mukhi ( three ridges)
  • It symbolizes fire
  • It is believed it frees you from the wrong- doing or sins of your life and brings purity and bliss to your life, exactly the same way fire consumes everything and still is pure and divine.
  • It is helpful for the people who have inferior complexes, fear, guilt and depression
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM KLEEM NAMAH|| 4. Chatur Mukhi ( four ridges)
  • It symbolizes God Brahma
  • Anyone who wears it attains creativity
  • Very useful for students, scientists, artists and writers, etc.
  • It has been believed to increase memory
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM HEERANG NAMAH|| 5. Pancha Mukhi (five ridges)
  • It symbolizes Lord Shiva
  • It is a symbol of auspiciousness
  • It’s used in necklace to gain health and peace
  • It is believed to be useful for blood pressure and cardiac ailments
  • Whenever this Rudraksha is used, it must touch your body
  • This Rudraksha necklace of 108 beads is also used for Japa ( counted chanting)
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM HREENG NAMAH|| 6. Shashta Mukhi ( six ridges)
  • It symbolizes God Karti Keya ( son of Shiva)
  • It blesses us with wisdom
  • It boosts intelligence and makes your mind steady and calm
  • Useful for administrators, executives, journalists, editors
  • It has got effects on genital organs
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM HREEM HUM NAMAH||

    7. Sapta Mukhi (seven ridges)

  • It symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi
  • It blesses with money
  • It’s been believed that it is not supposed to be worn on your body but to be kept in your cash box to attain wealth]
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM HUM NAMAH||

    8. Ashta Mukhi (eight ridges)

  • It symbolizes Lord Ganesh
  • It blesses with Riddhies and Siddhies ( prosperity, growth and power)
  • It removes all obstacles and brings success in all undertakings
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM HUM NAMAH|| 9. Nava Mukhi ( nine ridges)
  • It symbolizes Goddess Shakti (power)
  • It blesses us with a lot of energy and powers useful to live a successful and happy life, provided the powers are not misused
  • The mantra for this rudraksha is || OM HREEM HUM NAMAH|| 10. Dasha Mukhi (ten ridges)
  • It symbolizes Lord Vishnu
  • It blesses us with prosperity and maintenance ( sattvik)
  • The mantra for this rudraksha is || OM HREEM NAMAH|| 11. Eka Dasha Mukhi (eleven ridges)
  • It symbolizes God Hanuman ( monkey- God)
  • It blesses us with wisdom, right judgment
  • It blesses us with powerful speech ( Vacha Siddhi)
  • It blesses us with success and prevents complications in life
  • It protects you from untimely and accidental death
  • It makes you fearless
  • Useful for meditation
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM HREEM HUM NAMAH|| 12. Dwadash Mukhi ( twelve ridges)
  • It symbolizes God Sun
  • It gives you authority and supremacy and leadership
  • Useful for politicians, administrators, and business community people
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM KROWN KSHROWN ROWN NAMAH|| 13. Trayo Dasha Mukhi (thirteen ridges)
  • It symbolizes Lord Indra ( King of the Gods)
  • It blesses us with all material comforts of life
  • It fulfills all of your wishes and desires
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM HREEM NAMAH|| 14. Chatur Dasho Mukhi (fourteen ridges)
  • It symbolizes Divine Gem
  • It opens your third eye
  • It blesses us with super natural powers
  • It develops vision for the future
  • It develops ability for premonitions
  • Makes you decisive and firm
  • Helps you to decide right judgment
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM NAMAH|| 15. Pancha Dasho Mukhi (fifteen ridges)
  • It symbolizes Lord Rudra (Shiva)
  • It is used in worship
  • It brings prosperity to life
  • There is no mantra16. Shasta Dasho Mukhi ( sixteen ridges) or Gauri Shankar
  • It symbolizes Purasha and Prakruti
  • It is only worn by sanyasis
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is || OM GAURI SHANKARAY NAMAH||17. Gauri Path mukhi ( seventeen ridges)
  • It symbolizes Goddess Gauri
  • Useful for unmarried girls who are searching for husband of their choice
  • The mantra for this Rudraksha is|| SARVA MANGALYA MANGALYE ||

    Relation of Planet to Ridges of Rudraksha

    1. Sun I Eka Mukhi or Twelve
    2. Moon I Dona Mukhi (two ridges)
    3. Mars I Teen Mukhi (three ridges)
    4. Mercury I Chatur Mukhi (four ridges)
    5. Jupiter I Pancha Mukhi (five ridges)
    6. Venus I Shashta Mukhi (six ridges)
    7. Saturn I Sapta Mukhi (seven ridges) or Chatur Dasha mukhi (fourteen ridges)
    8. Rahu I Ashta Mukhi (eight ridges)
    9. 9.Ketu | Nava mukhi (nine ridges)

    (*ten & eleven ridges rudrakshas have no planetary effect.)

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