This is exactly what I needed to hear!  St Teresa tells me to follow God and not to care for the mischief-makers, the nay-sayers, the worldly-wise, the blasé, the trouble-makers that beset the path on which I struggle.  It gladdens me to hear that the road is rocky and my days may be far from untroubled and public opinion may be talking behind my back and the thorns of adversity may pierce me on every side. Yet, by having the courage to stay the course and the will to follow my love of God and all his creatures – the path of St Teresa – I will come to a perfection of which now I only dream.  Bharti

PRAYER:  It is absurd to think

that you can travel a road full of bandits

to reach a costly treasure

without running any risks.

The worldly think that happiness consists

of journeying peacefully through life.

Yet for the sake of making an extra dollar

they will sacrifice their sleep night after night,

and leave others with no peace of mind or body.

You are traveling by the royal and safe road

along which our Lord,

all the elect, and the saints have passed.

Put aside the misgivings

that the world would impose upon you.

Practice humility.

Despise the values of this world.

Do these things

and you can be sure

that you are on the right road.

MANTRA:  All things are possible in God.

EVENING PRAYER:  Let nothing, O Lord

disturb the silence of this night.

Let nothing make me afraid.

Silence the voices

that would discourage me

from following the royal road of perfection.

My happiness will consist

not in untroubled, peaceful days,

but in the courage to follow your will

wherever it may take me.

In your words,

not in public opinion,

I will find my way.

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