This day’s prayer is so refreshing. It tells us that God is approachable whatever condition we are in, whether we are anxious and fearful, or whether we are full of appreciation for the gifts he is showering on us.  And he doesn’t care if we sometimes slip up and address him incorrectly or in a tired or slapdash fashion. Thankfully, the Lord is generous with our occasional sloppiness and weariness. As long as we turn to him and share our lives with him, our joys as well as our cares and worries, he is content. And if we lapse for a while, or we cannot connect with him on occasion, he is forgiving like a mother.  We have no need to stand on ceremony with our dearest friend.  Bharti

PRAYER:   Don’t spend all your time

summoning up the presence of God.

There is nothing wrong with this method of prayer,

but enjoyable as it is

give your soul

a day of rest from your labor.

Keep yourself in the presence of God,

let your imagination work for you,

but do not weary your mind

or grow tired composing speeches.

Simply set out your needs

and acknowledge that you have no right

to be always aware of God’s presence.

There is a time for this,

and a time for that.

Observe them.

Otherwise your soul will grow weary.

MANTRA:  Do not be anxious.

EVENING PRAYER:  As this day ends and I recall your presence

let me not be anxious

about what I shall say to you.

There is no need, I know,

to compose beautifully worded prayers,

You will hear whatever words I have.

I need not grow exhausted

summoning up your presence,

or weary my mind and grow tired

composing speeches to you.

Let me simply set my needs before you –

making sure that I never allow

my pleasure in your gifts

to make me forgetful of you the Giver.

For if I have you, God,

I will want for nothing.

You alone suffice.

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