It is critical to absorb this prayer of St Teresa today.  There can be no love for God that remains hidden or concealed.  This love must express itself in acts, deeds, compassionate work to help all others in this world who travel this path with us towards God.  I must expand my love and compassion to all who cross my path if I am to declare true love for God. In turning away from the vanities and pleasures of this world, I need to show my love for God and to please God by ceasing to quarrel or feel envy, and to do as much good in this world as opportunities manifest themselves.   Bharti

PRAYER:  The soul that truly loves God

loves all good,

protects all good,

praises all good,

joins itself to good people,

helps and defends them,

and embraces all the virtues.

It loves only what is truly worth loving.

Whether your love of God is great or small,

it must show itself.

Love for God can never be concealed.

Resolve firmly to do and suffer for God,

putting your resolution into action

whenever the opportunity occurs.

Your love must not be just something you imagine,

You must prove it by works.

MANTRA:  Love cannot be hidden.

EVENING PRAYER:  My love for you – great or small –

must show itself

whenever the opportunity occurs.

My love must not be

something I just dream about,

something in whose warmth I wrap myself

in the closing hours of the day.

I must prove it by works.

True love goes beyond prayerful words

to loving deeds.

True love for you must not – cannot – be concealed.

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