The Prayer of St Teresa today really shames me! I recognize myself in everything she says. Yes, I have embarked on the spiritual path and the desire to know and love God, and yet how little time and energy do I devote to his true service, so that so often my service becomes lip service.  So often I am, to my shame, giving God my love and service in a half-hearted, timid, drop by drop fashion. I pray that I may become bold, open and courageous enough to give of my full self without reservation in the service of God, for I know in my heart that the more I give, the more will I receive.   Bharti

PRAYER:  How is it, O God,

that even when we are determined to love you,

we do not rise immediately

to the perfect love which is our goal?

It is because while we think

we are surrendering all to God,

we are in fact giving up

only the profits of our endeavors,

the extras,

what is left over from our daily needs.

We keep ownership of the land itself.

In everything

we look for pleasant ways of serving God.

And because we do not give up ourselves

wholly and at once,

so the treasure of God’s gifts to us

are not given at once.

Heavenly Father,

even as we measure out our lives to you

a bit at a time,

we must be content

to receive your gifts drop by drop,

until we have surrendered our lives wholly to you.

MANTRA:   Patience gains all things.

EVENING PRAYER:  Let my fears give way

to quiet rest,

and my timidity to generosity of heart.

I keep taking back the gift I offer.

Replace, I pray you, my stinginess of heart

with a reflection of your generosity.

You will reward my every gift,

no matter how small,

with the unlimited gift of yourself.

And if I have you, God,

I will want for nothing.

You alone suffice.

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