Yes, we do need to dream big dreams and aspire to achieve the utmost, otherwise our vision will be too small and thus our achievements likewise.  The path ahead has been blazed by the great saints of every religion, and, although it feels we can never emulate the likes of St. Teresa of Avila, of course, we can and we must, for that is what she wants us to do, and that is why she wrote these amazing prayers and her masterwork The Interior Castle with its seven incredible chambers.  God wants us all to traverse the path and reach into his arms.   Bharti

PRAYER:  It is a great help in our quest

To have great aspirations,

because often our actions

begin with our thoughts and dreams.

Like the great saints we need to be humble

but bold in our pursuit,

trusting God and not ourselves.

For our Lord seeks and loves courageous souls. 

It is true that I might stumble

for trying to do too much too soon,

but it is also certain that I will never succeed

if I hope for too little,

or out of fear of failing

start not at all. 

MANTRA:  Do not hope for too little. 

EVENING PRAYER:  As darkness hides me

with no one but you to hear my prayers,

let me not be afraid to dream great dreams

to pray great prayers.

With only you to hear,

I can be bold as I need to be,

as courageous as my dreams permit,

as faithful as your love for me demands.

I want to do more than admire your saints;

I want to be one of them.

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