This prayer today really spoke to me of the quiet virtues of patience, perseverance and humility.  We must begin our conversation with God and the rewards will be manifold and bountiful. However, we must not expect quick or easy results. These will evolve through grace with time and familiarity with meditating and praying to God. Sooner or later we will achieve blessings beyond number and the key to these blessings is learning to love much rather than to think much.   Bharti

PRAYER:   Mental prayer is nothing else

but being on terms of friendship with God,

frequently conversing in secret with one

we know loves us.

Anyone who perseveres

in seeking God’s friendship

is amply rewarded. 

If you are given the grace of deep thought

and understanding, be grateful.

But, if you are like me,

I have no advice to give but to be patient

until our Lord sends you both matter and light. 

Place yourself in the presence of God,

and do not exhaust yourself

searching for reasons

for understanding what lies beyond your reach.

Do not lay blame on your soul,

for the good of the soul

consists not in thinking much,

but in loving much.

MANTRA:  Let nothing make me afraid. 

EVENING PRAYER:   Here in the gathering darkness

let me relax in your presence.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

There is everything to hope for.

I may not become perfect overnight,

or be instantly blessed

with the joys and consolations

of the great saints,

but little by little

I will grow in knowledge

of the road that leads to heaven.

I do not need to court you

with great thoughts or profound insights,

for the good of my soul

consists not in thinking much,

but in loving much.

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