This blows me away again!  St Teresa is giving me the key to the meaning of life:  Not my will but Thy will be done.  It is not greater joy in myself that I should seek, only the greatest joy of all, which is in conforming my will to God’s will.  How simple, and yet how profound is this ultimate commandment, for simple things are never truly simple!  They are the hardest to accomplish. True self-surrender consists, St Teresa is telling us, in surrendering our own individual will to carrying out the will of God. We must let go of our own self-interest, forget ourselves entirely and act in the service of God and our fellow humans.  So simple, and yet the most challenging task we will ever confront, and only the most rare individuals will actually achieve this in its full profundity.  Bharti

PRAYER:   One day I heard these words:

‘During this life, true gain consists

not in striving after greater joy in me,

but in doing my will.’

My brothers and sisters, let the will of God,

to whom we belong, be achieved in our lives.

This means surrendering our life into the

hands of God,

doing what is best with our gift,

forgetting as far as possible all our self-interest,

and resigning ourselves entirely.

To truly serve God is to forget ourselves,

our advantages, our comfort,

and our apparent happiness.

The point is that we should make a gift

of our heart,

emptying it of ourselves

that it may be filled with God.

What power lies in this gift!

Our almighty father becomes one with us

and transforms us

uniting creator and creature.

MANTRA:  Let the will of God be achieved in my life.

EVENING PRAYER:  Let me not be afraid

to join my life with yours,

to empty my heart

to make room for you.

You will not force your presence on me.

You go only where you are invited

and made welcome.

To make a complete gift of my heart to you,

I need more courage than I have,

strength that only you can give.

Hear my prayer.

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