This Prayer of St Teresa is refreshing and welcome. We do not need any special qualities to come before Jesus our Lord. Realizing that he is not only God, but also human, he becomes eminently approachable. We do not need any unusual introduction, intercession, demeanor, expressions, qualities to stand before him. He knows very well how frail we are and how many times we fail, and he still offers to be our true friend.  Our worldly friends may desert us and talk disparagingly about us behind our backs. St Teresa had many enemies who opposed her reforms in the Church. With Jesus on her side, she persevered.  God will never desert us as long as we pursue the path to unite with him in good faith and sincerity. Bharti

PRAYER:  My love of and trust in our Lord

has never ceased to grow

from the moment when I first realized

that though he was God, he was also human.

He is not surprised

by our frailties or our continuing failures.

How good is our Lord,

and how powerful!

and with you

I feel myself so empowered.

Knowing you will never fail me,

I feel able to withstand the whole world,

should it turn against me.

You are on our side, O Lord,

you can do all things

and subject all things to yourself.

We have nothing to fear

if we walk in the truth,

iin the sight of your majesty

with a pure conscience.

MANTRA: God is my friend, my one true friend.

EVENING PRAYER: Let me not be afraid

to linger here in your presence

with all my humanity exposed.

For you are God”

you are not surprised by my frailties,

my continuous failures.

You are my God,

but you are also my friend.

You are on my side;

you will never fail me.

Here in the gathering darkness

I feel able to withstand the whole world,

should it turn against me.

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