For imperfect and vacillating beings such as I, it is infinitely comforting to know that one does not have to do anything extraordinary to permit God to enter and sustain our lives as the chief source of true joy and delight.  It is inexpressibly humbling to know that God is everywhere, even in the depths of despair to which we may have sunk in our dejection. If he is there at the lowest point of our lives, then surely we can assume that he will be there for us wherever we are and whenever we seek him.  This is where the sinner can take hope that the door of heaven desires to open to her, should she but raise her eyes to seek God.  Bharti

PRAYER:  Remember how St Augustine tells us

about his seeking God in many places

and eventually finding his father within himself.

Do you suppose it is of little importance

that a soul that is easily distracted

should come to understand this truth,

and to find that, in order to speak to its eternal father

and to take delight in him,

it has no need to go to heaven

or to speak in a loud voice?

However quietly we speak,

God is so near that we will be heard.

Nor need we feel strange

in the presence of so great a guest.

We must talk with God humbly.

We should spell out our troubles

and beg to have them put right;

and at the same time realize

we are not worthy to be the children of God.

MANTRA:   No matter how quietly I speak, God hears.

EVENING PRAYER:  I need no wings to go in search of you,

but have only to understand

that the quiet of this night

is a place where I can be alone with you

and look upon your presence within me.

For if I have you, God,

I want for nothing,

You alone suffice.

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