What is time?  It is so elastic a concept.  St Teresa of Avila has been dead these four hundred years.  Yet, as I read her Prayers each day, they speak to my heart as if she was sitting by my side, holding my hand and breathing her wisdom into my ears.  It has been so intense, living with her thoughts these past 29 days, that it seems like a hundred years have elapsed.  I invite you to take this journey with St Teresa, for her Prayers, that seem so simple, pierce harder than a diamond.  Her Prayers prove to me that East and West are one – choose the Bhagavad Gita or Teresa of Avila, and you will end up in the exact same discourse with God.

Below is a condensed version of her Prayers. The full originals are in Let Nothing Disturb You: Teresa of Avila, Ave Maria Press:2008


DAY ONE:  How do we know that our lifetime may not end 

soon after we have determined to give ourselves wholly to God?

We need to withdraw from time to time

from all unnecessary cares and business,

We need to reflect on the state of our soul. 

MANTRA:   A whole lifetime is short.

I cannot depend on anything that passes away.

EVENING PRAYER:     Let me now, 

in the dying moments of this day,

cast aside my concerns

and reflect upon the state of my soul.

Worldly as I still am,

I harbor a deep desire

to do what is right

and to commend myself wholly to your care.

For if I have you, God,

I will want for nothing.

You alone suffice. 

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