Concept of Health in Ayurveda

In Sanskrit health is termed as Swasthya.
Where SWA means ‘ the pure self ‘ and ASTHYA means ‘ being established in ‘.
Therefore, SWASTHYA means being established in one pure self.
So by Ayurvedic concept one can being called as healthy when one fulfills following criteria –

One Doshas are balanced.
According to an individual’s prakriti metabolic fire (Agni) is balanced.
Seven bodily tissues (Dhatus) are balanced.
Three body wastes (malas) – Urine, Feces, Sweat are normal.
One consciousness, Soul is normal.
One mind is at peace and is calm.
One five senses are in harmony and are working properly.
Ayurvedic treatment is based on the balancing of the following three things.
Doshas (Body Type)
Dhatus (Seven Body Tissues)
Malas (Body by Wastes)

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