Hydro Therapy - Jacuzzi

This is the most efficacious, popular, widely used hydrotherapy treatment used in the today world. most well known as “jacuzzi” or ” spinal – bath”.

This effective underwater treatment is performed in a bath tub with controlled water jets by which the desired effects are achieved. If the water in the tub is warm then the water jets used can be of cold water or reverse.By you can use hot water jets in The bath tub has hot & cold water connections, drainage ,various controls to insure a smooth ,controlled & comfortable treatment.

This therapy is different from the underwater massage treatment used in to the physiotherapy.(where physiotherapist stand in the water & massages a person supported by a sling usually.

The usual duration of spinal -bath advised is 10 to 15 minutes. The no. of sittings advised depends upon the type of problem or intention in going for spinal- bath Follow up treatment depends upon the same.


1. Helps to increase circulation of blood.
2. Helps to increase flow of lymph.
3. Breaks down hard, adipose tissue hence help to reduce weight.
4. Relieves tension by relaxing muscle fiber
5. Helpful for spot-reduction in obesity.

This therapy is not advisable if you have the following ailments :

1. Varicose veins – ulcers or bulbous veins.
2. Phlebitis or thrombosis.
3. Tumers or any unrecognizable lumps.
4. In acute inflammatory conditions. i.e. around the areas inflamed by boils or carbuncles ,bite or stings of insects, acute joint conditions.
5. Infectious skin diseases.
6. Healing wounds.
7. Recent scars.
8. Febrile conditions.
9. Evidence of spastic condition.
10. Recent operation or fracture.
11. During menstruation or pregnancy.
12. Where there is lack of bony support.
13. Around or over any metal plates in the body.
14. Very thin or very elderly, feeble persons.(who lack sub-cutaneous tissue)
15. bruising tendencies, bleeding disorders.
16. Tendency to faint.
17. Fluctuating blood sugar or blood pressure.

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