Every touch affects the body’s vital forces and dynamics! is an ancient saying.

Our skin is a very sensitive organ. A lot of things can be communicated through our touch than said verbally.

Human being is different than other animals by two ways
a. Opponent thumb.
b. Intellect.

A healing hand or healing touch does miracles.
It has capacity to soothe, relax, aching and tense body but more important than that it relaxes and bless the mind and soul who are residing in that temple.

It helps to improve blood and lymph circulation in the body.
It helps to secrete many components like endorphins that have a lot of various healing effects on our body.
It helps out to drain the stress, emotions and to generate peace and joy in your heart.

Giving and receiving massage is a blissful experience for both Giver and receiver.

Ayurveda gives a good account on massage and talks upon various do’s and don’ts of massage. The landmark of Ayurvedic massage is the marma points and secondly, Powder massage (Udhartana) that is specially used for reducing excess of weight.

Massage can be done on the mattress laid on the floor or on a special massage table.
The mattress must be comfortable and not too cold to touch. One can practice covering the body parts which are not massaged to avoid the receiver being exposed to cold and being uncomfortable unless been done in a room with adequate warmth.

Preparation of hands is necessary by gently rubbing oil on them and warming them up. Slowly make contact with the body and then start the actual process of massaging. With experience one gets more and more skilled in this art of massage.

Different kinds of fragrant herbs, Aromatherapy oils can be added in conjunction with carrier oil while giving massage to get more benefits out of it depending upon constitution of the individual.
Various different types of strokes like

Circular or feathering.

2.Medium pressure strokes:
Kneading, Pulling, Wringing

3.Deep or friction strokes:
Thumb pressure

4.Percussion Strokes
Cupping, Plucking
And many others can be used with skill and individual assessment and need.

Wide ranges of oils are used for massage.
In India more than 100 types of oils are used either individually or in combination.
Most common of them are Sesame oil, Mustard oil, Almond oil and certain herbal powders. They are selected as per constitution and body types and as per the guidelines from the scriptures and own experience.

Various special massage techniques if applied properly with heat treatments, hydrotherapy then they are proven to be very effective in special cases like paralysis, Arthritis, Backache like ailments, which provide a great support to main line of treatment.

Who should take massage?

Practically everyone! After a week from birth of baby till you exists!

You are not suppose to take massage if you have the following:

    • When there is a localized inflammation or infection.
    • When there is a swelling.
    • When there are aggravated skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis.
    • When you have Bruises, recent injuries.
    • When you have varicose veins.
    • When you have fractured bone.
    • When you have fever.
    • When you are pregnant.
  • When there is thrombophlebitis.
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