“NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE” is a distinct system of healing, a philosophy, science, art and practice which seeks to promote health by stimulating and supporting the body inherent power to regain harmony and balance. This therapeutic system dates To the Era400 BC when Hippocrates became famous for his treatment of diseases in accordance with “Natural Laws”

In practice, the naturopathic principles are applied mainly in two ways.

1. By educating people to be aware and responsible for their own health and to access them to understand the “Fundamental Laws of Health” – relating to rest , exercise, nutrition and life style.

2. By using various natural therapies, to increase the vitality of the individual and to remove any obstructions – Chemical, physical, psychological which may be interfering with the normal functioning and internal harmony of the organs and the tissues.

Thus any modality which is non-toxic, non-suppressive of symptoms and supportive of self healing process is applicable in Naturopathic Practice. The choice of treatment is determined not only by any dogmatic principles, but also by the needs and capabilities of the people

The principle of this system is to emphasize the importance of nutrition, exercise, rest, therapeutic use Light, air, water and restoration of the structural integrity and
psychological counseling and individual clinical judgement

It looks toward a sufferer ” as a person ” with holistic and individualistic” view. It tries to focus on and eradicate the root cause of the disease

No therapeutic system is complete in itself. It is best to assimilate and utilize the positive aspects of different therapies. To carry out investigations and to make the diagnosis by the most modern methods and then to follow it up with appropriate treatment by either naturopathy, yoga, homeopathy, etc. seems to be the ideal combination for tackling health problems both at physical and mental levels.

The age old maxim that “Health is Wealth” is universal in its applicability. It is the prime responsibility of each individual to maintain and nurture it. In order to maintain good health throughout, people have to reduce their dependence on medicines, do regular exercise, develop good eating habits and adopt diets which are balanced
(satwik aahara)

To achieve an ideal of healthy mind in a healthy body, one must exercise control over one’s mind – it’s thought processes and emotions make it a habit so that it becomes “Second Nature”

It is through a healthy body and mind that man can aspire to rise and evolve to the higher states of consciousness – the intended purpose of the creator Naturopathy shows the way.

“God has not given us any disease for which he has not provided a
remedy”, only we must have the vision to look at it.!!!

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