Those who do Yoga asana are privileged with
a. Cleaning of the Body.
b. Making the body Lighter.
c. Helping to attain Perfect Health.

The Body, The Temple of the Human soul, should be cleaned with proper channels. If it is not cleaned properly, it will result into a host of Ailments.

When the body and blood are cleansed of all the Impurities, Life will be prolonged and you will have freedom from the disease.

The young, old, sick, weak will succeed if they persevere, so say the Sages.

Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudras or Male and Female all can attain sound Health, Contentment, Brightness, Strength, and Courage by doing Yoga asana regularly.

A yogi should eat Light, Sweet (Mellifluous), Easily digestible and Strength giving food in sufficient quantity.

A yogi should always avoid Tasteless, Salted, Bitter, Hot, Pungent, Very Sour or bad, unwholesome food.

Both man and woman can cleanse their body with the help of the Asana. By observing the proper practice of Yoga asana and following all the eight limbs of yoga, even an old man can attain the energy and vigor of youth.

It is true a Yogi (who lives yogic way of life and not just practices Asana) always attains –

*Thin, elastic, youthful body.
*Brightness of the eyes.
*Luster on the face.
*Calmness of the mind.
*His appetite for knowledge increases and decreases for the food.
*He gets freedom from disease .

By Living Yogic Life.

___________Classification Of Asanas_____________To simplify, we can classify asana under the following categories:

1.Lying on Back.

2.Lying on belly.



5.Relaxing and Resting.

6.For maintenance of Health.

1.Lying on Back:
Few of this asana are-
a. Ardha Hal asana or Half Plough Pose , also known as Uttan Pad asana. This asana in known to reduce body fat and to strengthen anterior abdominal wall.
b. Hal asana or Plough Pose.
c. Sarvang asana or Shoulder Stand is good for throat and thyroid disorders, varicose veins.
d. Matsy asana or Fish Pose is good for kidney, ovarian and spleen diseases.
e. Viparita Karani or Reverse of Standing.

  1. Lying on Belly:
    Few of this asana are-
    a. Bhujang asana or Cobra Pose is known to reduce body fat, strengthen the spine, throat complaints.
    b. Shalabh asana
    c. Dhanur asana or Bow Pose is known to improve digestion and to strengthen anterior abdominal wall muscles.

Few of this asana are-
a.Mayur asana or Peacock Pose.
b.Parvat asana or Mountain Pose is known to strengthen the spine , to reduce blood pressure and to reduce recurrent colds and asthma.
c.Vakr asana is known to be helpful for Diabetes and strengthen back and spine.

Few of these asanas are-
a. Vriksh asana or Tree Pose is known to improve balance and concentration.
b.Tal asana or Palm Tree Pose.

5.Relaxing and Resting:
Few of this asana are-
a.Shav asana or Dead Man’s Pose.
b.Makar asana or Crocodile Pose.

6.For Maintenance of Health:
Few of this asana are-
a. Yoga mudra is known to improve digestion, to reduce constipation, to reduce Blood Pressure, and helpful for Asthma.
7.Meditative Asana:
Few of these asana are-
a.Swastik asana.
b.Ardha Padm asana or Half Lotus Pose.
c.Padm asana or Lotus Pose.
d.Siddha asana.
e.Vajra asana.
f.Sukha asana or Normal,leisure Sitting.


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______________List of 14 Asanas as per Hatha Yoga Pradipika_________













12.Siddhasana, Vajrasana (king of all),Guptasana, Muktasana.






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