This Prayer of St Teresa strikes a real chord. For as long as we are human, we lack the consistency and constancy that are the hallmark of God. We are full of courage and firm resolve one day to do Gods will, and the next day we are discouraged and dispirited, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tasks before us or beaten down by adverse people and circumstances. Truly God alone never changes and we need so much to cultivate that unwavering constancy and consistent strength that is God. Bharti

PRAYER: There are moments when I wish

I had a thousand lives to spend for God,

when no penance or suffering seems too severe. 

But I cannot say these desires stay with me,

for at times my soul turns coward

in the most trivial mattes

and is too frightened

to undertake any work for God.

There are days when nothing anyone says disturbs me.

And yet there are also days

when a single word so devastates me

that I long to flee the world.

Have pity on me.

Grant that I might accomplish

some of my dreams

for your greater honor and glory.

Spare me not completely,

For with your strength I can endure much;

without you I can do nothing.

MANTRA: God alone never changes.

EVENING PRAYER:  It is easy here by myself

wrapped around by your presence

to promise you the world and my whole heart,

but by tomorrow

I may be a coward again.

Grant that I might accomplish

for your greater honor and glory,

at least some of my dreams

and overcome some of my cowardice.

For deep within my heart and soul

I desire only you God;

You alone suffice.

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