I am totally blown away by the forthrightness and boldness of St Teresa.  For she asks us not to express a false humility and remain silent and unresponsive in the presence of God.  She tells us to boldly welcome God into our house and converse with him openly and frankly as one would do with a spouse, father, mother, sibling.  We may feel totally undeserving of such intimacy. However we must realize that God is essential to our being, and we must open our hearts and let him enter, otherwise we will have missed the greatest opportunity of our lives.   Bharti

PRAYER:  You do not have to be bashful with God

as some people are,

in the belief that they are being humble.

It would not be humility on your part

if your sovereign were to do you a favor,

and you refused to accept it.

But you would be showing humility

by taking it and being pleased with it,

yet realizing how far you are from deserving it.

Speak with God as a father, as a mother,

as a brother, as a sister,

as a lord, as a spouse.

Ask permission to speak

with the spouse of your soul.

Remember how important it is

for you to have understood this truth –

the Lord is within us

and we should be aware of his presence.

MANTRA:  Do not be bashful with God. 

EVENING PRAYER:  Let me not be shy in your presence.

Rather let me speak with you

in confidence, trust, and love.

For you are my father and mother,

my brother and sister,

my lord, my spouse.

In whatever way pleases you,

teach me what I must do to please you.

However undeserving I am,

I humbly ask you

to fill this night

with the gifts of your love,

with the gift of yourself.

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