DAY TWO:   This prayer of Day Two pierces me sharply.  Knowing as we all do of the imminence and unpredictability of death which can strike us at any time, how is it possible I ask myself that my days can still be filled with so many distractions and vanities of the world?  It shames me to think how little time I spend proportionately in my day thinking of God and the life of the soul. And it fills me with immense humility to know that God waits patiently for me to change my values and seek him out above all things, for I have done so little to merit so faithful a lover. The best I can do is to dedicate the actions I take and the causes I fight hard for to God.      Bharti

PRAYER:  What need we have of God’s mercy,

lest the easy attractions of the world delude us into forsaking

what we have so tentatively begun, lest we fail to persevere

in our desire to answer God’s invitation to peace.

We need to persevere in our desire to love the Lord

and in out attempts to make some return to him

for so many proofs of his love,

especially his constant, persevering presence in our soul.

This faithful lover never gives up on us.

MANTRA:  God is willing to wait for me

for many a day, even many a year.

EVENING PRAYER: I hear you, O Lord, calling to me

and promising me your peace,

even though I am still caught up in the pleasures and vanities of this world.

But so much do you desire that I should seek your company,

that in one way or another you never cease calling to me.

I have been, I know, slow to answer,

unable and unwilling to do your bidding at once.

But I need not be downcast or discouraged

if you can find in my heart perseverance and desire

to respond to your invitation to peace of soul.

For if I have you, God, I will want for nothing.

You alone suffice.

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